Search the Web, Get the News, Read the Blogs, Watch the Videos, See the Pictures and more from the most popular websites on the Internet.
Charlotte leverages the power of the Web Services, Internet and Mac OS X Technologies to bring you a truly unique and fun experience searching the Web. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts to display the Charlotte search window and enable auto suggest feature. With “Live Snapshots” for results and a built-in Web Browser you don’t have to switch applications to view the results. You can select from a multitude of eye-pleasing animation effects like Page Curl, Ripple, Copy Machine, Flash, Dissolve etc when switching to different category results or switching from results view to browser view and vice versa.
   If you have used Spotlight on Mac OS X then you already know how to use Charlotte. Charlotte finds relevant content from the Web like links, articles, news stories, blog posts, images, movies, books and more. Charlotte supports both Keyword searching and Contextual searching.
    When you run Charlotte you will see a new green status item (Icons at the right like Date-Time, Volume, Airport etc) in your menu bar. Click on the new status item and enter keywords to find results instantly. Click the Search Icon in the Search field to see a menu with more options like Preferences, Previous searches, Updates and to Quit the application. Select “Show All Results” in the menu to see the detailed results window.
Spotlight for the Web      
Plugin Architecture
Charlotte supports a plugin architecture so it is highly extensible.  Charlotte currently ships with a couple of plugins in six different categories. We plan to release more plugins both for existing categories and many exciting new categories in future updates.
You can customize the toolbar in the “Show all results” window to select the categories you want visible and also select the plugins you want in each category in the Application Preferences window.
Get pre-fetched results instantly. We believe that the first two pages (top 20) are the most useful and relevant links when searching the Web. Charlotte automatically fetches the top 20 results from all the plugins across all the categories simultaneous so you no longer have to hop multiple sites to get the results you need. Of course you can always increase the number of results per plugin in the application preferences.
Get the latest information from Yahoo, Google, Technorati, Flickr, Amazon, IceRocket, YouTube and more.
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Web Search - Yahoo, Google
Image Search - Yahoo, Flickr
News - Yahoo
Blog Search - Technorati, IceRocket
Books - Amazon
Multiple Categories
Multiple Plugins
Code Search - Koders, Google
Find the most relevant books from for your keyword and content search. Charlotte will automatically search the titles for keywords and description for content searches.
Find the pictures for the keywords from Yahoo Images and Flickr Photos. The Image results are displayed in a single page with a built-in zoom so you can see the image in full size without switching to the browser view.
Built-in Web Browser
When you click a result link, Charlotte switches to browser mode from results mode.
The browser mode supports a tabbed browser with animation effects when switching tabs. You don’t have to switch  to a different application to view the results in detail. Of course you can customize this behavior to open the result links in your default browser by selecting the options in the application preferences window. The browser mode also has support for saving bookmarks in and viewing the saved ones.
Custom Fit
You can customize the behavior of the application by selecting different options in the application preferences.
 You can select the animation effects for switching between categories and tabs in the browser mode. You can turn on Auto Suggest option and your preferred mode of opening clicked hyperlinks. You can also set the keyboard shortcuts for the search window and the detailed results window.
Web and News
You can quickly view the top twenty results from the most popular sources of web and news resources on the Internet.
The thumbshots and live previews provide additional context for the results so you can decide if you want to read more. The Info section of each result provides additional information.
Just for Developers
The developers category provides plugins to search for code snippets from different mailing lists.
It is always easier to learn new techniques by looking at sample code. When you get stuck and need to find more information about a specific API or issue, query the Koders service for help.
Settings per plugin
The Sites section of the application preferences window lets you set custom option for each plugin.
 Depending on the plugin you can set options like number of results, language, format, filters, country, language, region and etc.
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Video Search - Yahoo, YouTube